About Us
NSK Palette is an international company with 30 years of history selling spare parts for machines,vacuum pumps and CNC's . During our work we managed to create a unique service providing the best and most reliable replacement parts around the world.
Ryan Ford, CEO NSK Palette ----
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Our Mission And Goal

We aim to continue to provide all the same high-quality parts we currently do to ensure that no machine becomes obsolete due to a lack of parts and to provide all the latest machines and parts at unmatched prices, delivered to your door the same day or at latest next day!

What Do Clients Say About Us?
During our work we have accumulated
hundreds of positive reviews.

Working With Us

Whatever your role, the quality of support our customers receive is dependent on the contribution of each and every member of staff. We believe that this is a joint approach – the attitude, qualities, and skills you bring to your role development and job satisfaction you can and will expect from us in return.

Meet Our Team
A large and well-coordinated team of true professionals.