Becker Carbon Vanes 90137900004

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NSK PALETTE UK'S BEST SPARE PARTS SUPPLIER and carbon vanes 90137900004Becker 90137900004 Carbon Vanes

4 Carbon vane set vacuum-packed | Dimensions:  170-39-3.8 mm

NSK Palette replacement for Becker X-series vanes WN 124-211

Unsurpassed quality replacement of BECKERS Carbon blades For Becker vacuum pumps


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Part Number90137900004
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NSK PALETTE 90137900004

Becker 90137900004 Carbon Vanes  Replacement

4 Carbon vane set vacuum-packed | Dimensions: 170-39-3.8 mm

NSK Palette  replacement for Becker pump vanes WN 124-211

unsurpassed quality replacement of BECKER Carbon Vanes Blades.

2 times stonger than competitors

90137900004 Carbon Vanes Specifications:

Becker Pump Model:
  • KDT 2.80
  • KDT 3.60
  • KDT 3.80
  • KDT 0-52
Becker Vane Nr.:
  • WN124-211
Vane Size (L*H*T) mm:
  • 170-39-3.8

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