Becker Coupling Disk 90220020000

Becker Coupling Disk 90220020000


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Becker Coupling Disk 90220020000

Coupling Discs are made of diverse elastomers to allow a torsion-damping power transmission

coupling connecting the rotor with the impeller, pump fan BECKER DTLF200, DTLF250, DTLF360, DTLF2.200, DTLF2.250, DTLF2.360, DVTLF250, DVTLF2.250, DVXLF 200, DVXLF250, DVXLF2 .200 DVXLF2.250 DXLF250 DXLF2.200 DXLF2.250 EV100 TLF200 TLF250 TLF360 TLF2.200 TLF2.250 TLF2.360 VTLF200 VTLF250 VTLF360 VTLF2.200 VTLF 2.250 , VTLF2.360, VXLF250, VXLF2.200, VXLF2.250.

Becker Coupling Disk 90220020000

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