Busch 0722000457 Carbon Vanes, Vacuum sealed

busch vacuum pumps and pump vanes

6 Carbon vane set | Dimensions: 331-90-8 mm

NSK Palette replacement for Busch pump vanes 0722000457

For Busch vacuum pumps:

  • R5 / RA / RC 1600 B

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Busch 0722000457

Carbon Vane set

6 Carbon vane set | Dimensions: 331-90-8mm

NSK Palette replacement for Busch pump vanes 0722000457

NSK Palette provides unrivaled quality carbon vane replacements and the best prices

For Busch vacuum pumps:

Busch Pump Model:
  • SV 1003 D
Busch Vane Nr.:
  • 0722104640
Vane Size (L*H*T) mm:
  • 331-90-8
Vane Thickness
  • 8 mm

NSK Palette UK’s Best Spare parts supplier

Vanes are made to the exact OEM specification:

  • original graphite grade
  • precise dimensions
  • exact vane shape
  • efficient surface grinding (reduces the initial vane wear)
  • high-temperature resistance

busch vacuum pumps 0722000457

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