Kluber Barrierta L 55/2 Grease 1Kg

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BARRIERTA is Europe’s oldest high-quality brand of high-temperature lubricants based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE).
Today the name of BARRIERTA is widely regarded as synonymous with long-term stability and thermal resistance.


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Kluber Barrierta L 55/2

Your demanding application requires a high-quality lubricant of the highest quality and excellent lubrication properties. All BARRIERTA L 55 greases are registered as NSF-H1 and are therefore in compliance with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. Application: Rolling and plain bearings are subject to high temperatures.

One of the well-known strengths of the BARRIERTA L 55 series is the product’s suitability for the lubrication of bearings and guides operating under extreme temperatures.

A low evaporation rate enables the longest grease life and hence longest relubrication intervals. BARRIERTA L 55/2 is most frequently used for initial and long term lubrication.

For relubrication, softer grades of NLGI class 1 or lower are recommended. BARRIERTA L 55 greases offer exceptionally long service lifetimes even when exposed to any of a large number of aggressive media such as concentrated acids, lyes, organic solvents, or gases. In addition to their resistance to media,

BARRIERTA L 55/2 and BARRIERTA L 55/3 offer also good adhesion and a sealing effect, which makes them suitable for application in – valves, fittings, and installations e.g. in the chemical industry – pneumatic components – level gauges, e.g. for fuels or chemicals – seals (static, dynamic) – extraction systems.

Benefits for your application: Higher machine availability and less need for maintenance – at very high operating temperatures up to 260 °C – under the influence of aggressive media and vapors – when used with plastics and sealing materials.

Barrierta L 552

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