Klüber KLUBERTEMP GR AR 555 lubricant 1kg

Klüber KLUBERTEMP GR AR 555 lubricant 1kg


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Klüber KLUBERTEMP GR AR 555 lubricant 1kg

Advantages of use
– Intended for operation at high temperatures up to 250 °C
– Application in an environment exposed to aggressive media
Klübertemp GR AR 555 is a white, homogeneous, long-life grease based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thickener. Klübertemp GR AR 555 provides effective corrosion protection and low evaporation losses, especially at high temperatures.
Fields of application
Klübertemp GR AR 555 is used in many industries for the lubrication of various parts operating at high temperatures.
Examples of possible applications:
– Corrugated shaft bearings
– Seals
– Conveyors
– Use in clean rooms and semiconductor production
– Vacuum applications
Application notes
For optimum lubrication results, we recommend cleaning the friction points with 180/210 petrol and then with Klüberalfa XZ 3-1. Then blow the surfaces clean with compressed air or hot air to remove residual solvent. For pre-lubrication, the friction points must be clean and dry, i.e. free from oil, grease, sweat and dirt. Klübertemp GR AR 555 is applied by brush, spatula or grease dispensers. The technical departments at Klüber Lübrication are always ready to advise you on how to use your product optimally.

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Klüber KLUBERTEMP GR AR 555 lubricant 1kg


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