NSK GDL70 9.0KW ISO30 ATC CNC Spindle

ATC spindle motor 9KW ISO30 Automatic air cooled spindle motor short nose 18000rpm/24000rpm


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NSK GDL70 9.0KW ISO30 ATC CNC Spindle

GDL70-ISO30-9,0KW-4P-400/800HZ-380V HQD GDL70 electro spindle with ISO30 automatic tool changer

long gripper, 4-pole, power 9.0kw, 12000-24000rpm, frequency 400/800Hz , 380V, rated torque 2.8 Nm, runout on the shaft 0.00125mm,

rated current 32A / 20A, air cooling – el. fan, net weight 31 kg. Similar to HSD ES919 / ES929 H6161H0822.

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