NSK Palette MOBILUX-EP0 Grease 1KG

NSK Palette MOBILUX-EP0 Grease


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NSK Palette MOBILUX-EP0 Grease

Mobilux EP 0

Mobilux EP products from a range of high-performance lithium hydroxy stearate greases. These lubricants contain an additive that allows the product to perform under extreme pressure. They are also formulated to provide a high level of protection against water washout, rusting, and wear.

The benefits of Mobilux EP lubricants include:

Excellent protective properties

They work well with heavy-duty applications because of their fine protective characteristics, allowing them to perform to a high standard in both wet and dry conditions, with moist and wet environments very much their forte.

Great pumpability rate and leakage control 

Another prominent feature that makes these products desirable is that they have a good pumpability rate in centralized systems, as well as effective leakage control.

as a result, this produces Reduced wear because of a reduction in grinding.

The characteristics of the Mobilux range allow for a reduced level of wear when put under heavy pressure from shock loading and vibration. This means that the equipment in question can reduce its maintenance costs and become more reliable.

Main applications

This range of products is recommended for the majority of industrial applications in which shock loads and high-pressure units are present.

The optimum temperature in which Mobilux EP greases operate is between 20? C and 130? C, but it is possible for them to be used at temperatures that exceed this should the lubrication frequency be altered accordingly.


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NSK Palette MOBILUX EP0 Grease andMOBIL Mobilux EP0


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