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Workhorse Range Of CNC Router machines are fully tested to rigorous standards working at high speeds for 16 hours a day solid for over 6 months to make sure that performs at expected every time 

as the name surgests the CNC routing machine is the workhorse of any production line and these CNC routers arde designed to just keep going no matter what’s thrown at it 

Our goal has always been to supply affordable, high-quality CNC router machines at lower prices to enable small and large manufacturers to thrive.

Our CNC routers come with standard features and equipment such as extraction systems, dust collectors, high-performance spindles up to 9.5KW both water Cooled or Air cooled electro Spindles, an air compressor gun, a tool box, and 3 YEARS WARRANTY.  We also have a number of upgrades that can be opted for upon ordering,

Each range and model have a wide array of features and functions that are suitable for a huge number of industrial CNC Router tasks, even right the way down to our smallest machine that has a bed size of 600 x 900 mm, our XR MINI 6090. 

All of our powerful CNC routers are capable of cutting & engraving a huge variety of materials such as plastics, acrylic, HDPE, wood, soft metals, aluminum, and brass with ease.

Our Workhorse CNC Routers offer unmatched performance, but still have easy-to-operate controls and our standard 3-year manufacturer warranty.  The new XR 7 CNC router is one of the most sturdy automatic tool change systems on the market that can also be upgraded with items such as an oscillating knife and drill bank unit.

Our reviews speak for themselves, we take pride in what has always been our company ethos, by providing customers with affordable, high-quality CNC routers